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Holly’s Fitness Friday

February 8, 2013


Hi everyone and Happy Friday! I have to start by apologizing to my group fitness enthusiasts for canceling a few of my classes earlier this week. Trust me I would have rather been making you guys sweat. Instead, I found myself miserable on the couch wishing for my body to be well again. I had flu like symptoms for about 48 hours. But with a lot of water and rest by Wednesday I felt like myself again and it felt good to get back to SWCC and into my routine again! Remember when you’re sick its ok to miss a workout. In fact your body is already working hard at fighting the illness’ that are you giving you the symptoms, so when you workout while sick you’re just interrupting your body natural ability to heal itself, prolonging your sickness. There are a lot of bugs going around right now so remember to wash your hands, drink plenty of water, and don’t skimp on your sleep. Also working out while your well boosts our immune systems so if you do happen to fall ill you’ll recover quicker than someone who is sedentary. Exercise is a known positive stressor to the body, making it more efficient at handling negative stressors like the flu virus. I’m  hoping I’ve paid my sick dues for the winter season and am looking forward to a healthy spring!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all stay well and have a fabulously fit weekend!

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